Back in 2004, the daughter of an MP was electrocuted and sadly passed away as a result of the botched electricals in her kitchen.

The men who did the job did not follow basic safety procedures and the legislation was not met.

A metal utensils rack was installed in a spot that should have been safe. However, there were wires behind it and so, when a metal object was placed on the rack, the circuit was completed. A fatal accident caused by cowboy electricians.

The Health & Safety laws were made more rigorous after this horrific accident.

But danger could still be lurking in your home.

You don’t give electrocution a second thought until the worst happens

Hanging a picture in the hallway or mounting a mirror in the bedroom – both simple tasks. Not much thought goes into the HOW. Just pick a spot, drill a hole and Bob’s your uncle! It’s common sense not to pick a spot directly above, below or next to a light fitting. But everywhere else is fine – right?

Well, that depends on how thorough the electrician was when doing the wiring in your home – most likely before you moved in…

Cowboy electricians cut corners

Having been in the business for half a century, Gainsborough have witnessed our fair share of botched jobs. There’s almost nothing we haven’t seen!

Some years ago, it was common for electricians to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, without much thought for safety. Since then, electrical standards and regulations have been updated to revolve heavily around Health & Safety.

Most responsible, accredited electrical contractors will follow a simple rule of thumb when wiring your home. The wires will most likely run directly above, below or to either side of a light or plug fitting. See below for an example:

certified electrical contractor wiring

This rule of thumb means it’s easy for homeowners to work out the ‘safe zones’ and the ‘danger zones’ when drilling and nailing into the walls.

On the other hand, you have cowboy electricians whose primary concern is to get the job done quickly and cheaply, collect his cash and hit the road. No thought for safety. He might leave your wiring something like this:

the dangers of not choosing a certified electrical contractor

Talk about cutting corners! This is dangerous. But the worst part is, you’ve paid a seemingly competent person to do the job for you and you are none the wiser.

the dangers of not choosing a certified electrical contractor

Stay safe, choose a certified electrical contractor

Gainsborough Electrical work with homeowners, businesses and schools all over the South East. As well as our home town of Southend-on-sea, we also cover Essex and parts of London.

It’s our job to make sure homeowners are aware of the dangers of choosing the cheapest option. We are NICEIC accredited which means we are held accountable by a higher authority and all of our works meet legislation. You can even have the paperwork to prove it!

Whether you need electrical rewiring, a condition report if you are selling your home or security lighting – our electricians are qualified for the job!

For a local electrical contractor you can trust, contact Gainsborough today. Simply click the button below, leave your details and we’ll respond quickly!


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